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Analysis of samples from a chronic toxicity test on common carp with synthetic progestins Česká republika
Development of the software for cell migration determinaton Česká republika
Využití recirkulačních systémů při odchovu parmy obecné (Barbus barbus) za účelem zkrácení odchovného cyklu Česká republika
Polarographic assessment of burbot sperm respiration Česká republika
Analysis of RNA localization in vitelogenic zebrafish oocytes Česká republika
Experimental estimation of gut evacuation rates of invasive alien fish and amphipods Neměcko
Evaluation of cardiac activity and histopathological changes of invasive crayfish under hypoxic conditons Česká republika
Fish sampling in recirculating aquaculture system (RAS)  Česká republika
Optimize of the use euryhaline rotifer Brachionus plicatilis for pikeperch Sander lucioperca (L.) larvae first feeding Česká republika
Effects of the sub-optimal water temperatures on the feeding activity of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) with regards to predator’s sex and size of the prey. Czech Republic
The effect of interspecific competition on the feeding activity of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca)  and prey size preference. Česká republika
Use of probiotics for Pikeperch mass production  Česká republika
Analýza ploidie a obsahu DNA u potomstva experimentálních populací jeseterů Česká republika
Estimation of the success of gynogenesis by using microsatellite genotyping Česká republika
Ploidy analysis of pikeperch larvae Maďarsko
Behaviour study of sexless Danio Česká republika
Passive sampler permformance evaluation Česká republika
Motility of diplonemids and trypanosomatids Česká republika
Analysis of grab water samples from the catchment of the river Odra Česká republika
Regeneration of pleopods Itálie
Postembryonic development of the freshwater crayfish Austropotamobius torrentium, Cherax destructor and Procambarus virginalis Česká republika
Comparative performance experiment of Silurus glanis strains and families Estounsko
Multiresidual HPLC-MS/MS and in-line SPE-HPLC-MS/MS analysis of drugs, pharmaceuticals and their metabolites in complex environmental samples (waste waters and sludges) Slovinsko
Quatification of selected pharmaceuticals in waste water before and after BDD treatment and method development for identification and semi-quantification of degradation/transformation products after BDD treatment  Česká republika
Study of pikeperch sperm motility parameters in groups of males with different hormonal stimulation.  Česká republika
Nutrient and digestaility of seven insect meals used in aquaculture Česká republika
Passive sampler permformance evaluation Česká republika
Evaluation of antiparasitic drugs content in selected fish tissues after treatment Česká republika
Development of aquaponic feed - part 1 digestibility Neměcko
Development of aquaponic feed - part 2 effect on plant performance Neměcko
Screening for hot spots of discharging hormonal activities into surface waters and identification of the effect drivers Česká republika
Quatification of selected pharmaceuticals in selected tissues from common carp Česká republika
Quatification of selected pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in water samples from pond affected by treated waste water Česká republika
The application of immunohistochemical markers on chondrostean and the teleostean tissues Švýcarsko
Hyperspectral imaging and Deep learning algorithms for fillet quality assessment of rainbow trout fed insect proteins Itále
Influence of sperm concentration during freezing on post-thaw outcomes in carp  Brazíle
The effect of quinidine on trout sperm motility Česká republika
Evaluation of impact Topmouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva) on zooplankton Česká republika
Parentage assigment of common carp backup stock for selection experiment Česká republika
Quantificaiton of antibiotics from UK rivers Velká Británie