With the approaching Christmas came the time of preparations for the Christmas carp distribution.

The Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters USB is hiring new employees, you can see more information here.

The traditional 17th Czech fisheries and ichtyological conference was unconventionally held online.

The Transfera.cz association, which associate technology transfer offices from all Czech universities, collages and institutes of the ASCR, has prepared the first year of the „Transfera technology day 2020“ competition in the cooperation with the CZECHINVEST agency.

The premium scholarship for contribution to faculty’s creative activities was awarded in November 2020 to the following students.

The new book with a title "Uteče jako voda" written under the leadership of Dr. Jinřich Duras, our colleague and an employee of the Povodí Vltavy, was published this month.

There will be another Scientists´ night on 27. 11. 2020, the online version is prepared for this year. You can read a press release (only in Czech) here.

The Bakala Foundation Scholarship program offers support to talented students so that they can realize their academic dreams.