The Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters USB is hiring new employees, you can see more information here.

The first photovoltaic power plant was built by the FFPW USB for the aquaponic greenhouse in 2018.

There is another article about ponds in the Rybářství magazine.

The fourth part of the series of popularization articles written by Bořek Drozd and Pavel "Bobrman" Vohralík was published in the August issue of the Czech angling magazine Rybářství.

Another year of the ISS took place from 28th June to 19th July 2020 at the MEVPIS center.

In accordance with the Scholarship Regulations of the USB the premium scholarship for contribution to faculty’s creative activities was awarded in July 2020 to the following students

The laboratory of signal and image processing become one of the winners of the OpenCV Spatial AI Competition.

A meeting with the Ceitec research centre took place in Nové Hrady from 7th to 8th July 2020.