We had the honour to host the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences Prof. Eva Zažímalová with Prof. Petr Ráb, dr. h. c., from the Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics on 11th June 2020.

Accompanied by the faculty management headed by the dean prof. Pavel Kozák, the President was guided through the faculty facilities in Vodňany, she was acquainted with the activities of laboratories, a unique collection of sturgeons bred at the Genetic Fisheries Centre. After the excursion at the Experimental Fish Culture and Facility the company also visited the new accommodation premises in the Říční street. The visit was finished by the lunch prepared at the IEEAIC Centre.


- Assoc. Prof. V. Žlábek, Prof. M. Flajšhans, A. Kouba, Ph.D., Prof. E. Zažímalová, Prof. P. Ráb, dr. h. c., Prof. P. Kozák, Prof. T. Randák.
- Prof. Eva Zažímalová and Prof. Petr Ráb during the visit of the faculty facilites in Vodňany.