In accordance with the Scholarship Regulations of the USB and other regulations and internal norms of the faculty, the premium scholarship for contribution to faculty’s creative activities was awarded in July 2020 to the following students:

Surname and name of student  

Publication output for which a premium scholarship is awarded

Lundová Katsiaryna

Prokešová, M., Gebauer, T., Matoušek, J., Lundová, K., Čejka, J., Zusková, E., Stejskal, V., 2020. Effect of temperature and oxygen regime on growth and physiology of juvenile Salvelinus fontinalis × Salvelinus alpinus hybrids. Aquaculture 522: 735119. (IF 2019 = 3,224; AIS 2019 = 0,639)

Koushik Roy

Roy, K., Vrba, J., Kaushik, S.J., Mráz, J., 2020. Nutrient footprint and ecosystem services of carp production in European fishponds in contrast to EU crop and livestock sectors. Journal of Cleaner Production 270: 122268. (IF 2019 = 7,246; AIS 2019 = 0,972)

Tran Quang Hung

Hien, V.D., Lumsangkul, C., Hoseinifar, S.H., Tran, Q.H., Stejskal, V., Ringø, E., Dawood, M.A.O., Esteban, M.Á., 2020. Administration of watermelon rind powder to Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) culture under biofloc system: Effect on growth performance, innate immune response, and disease resistance. Aquaculture 528: 735574. (IF 2019 = 3,224; AIS 2019 = 0,639)


The publications in question are available here.

We would like to thank our students for their creative activities and congratulate them on the premium scholarship.