University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters

International Environmental Educational, Advisory and Information Center of Water Protection Vodňany (IEEAIC/MEVPIS Vodňany)
Na Valše 207, 389 01
tel.: +420 387 774 665
fax: +420 387 774 634


Klára Nachlingerová
head of the MEVPIS Vodňany
+420 38777 4787; +420 737 221 931
Dipl. - Ing. Petra Plachtová
deputy head of the MEVPIS Vodňany, coordinator of educational activities
+420 38777 4773; +420 602 390 634
Miroslav Boček, MSc.
faculty creative manager
+420 38777 4773; +420 728 152 581
Markéta Flajšhansová, MSc.
lecturer (CZ, GER language), academic worker
+420 38777 4618

Dana Brožová, BSc.
coordinator of MEVPIS events
+420 38777 4771; +420 602 269 434



The IEEAIC deals mainly with the following activities:

Thanks to the financial support from the Operational Program Environment, the former Brok´s family mill in Vodňany is being reconstructed.
Since 2014, the International Environmental Educational, Advisory and Information Centre of Water Protection Vodňany (IEEAIC) of the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, provides its activities in these new premises. The centre is focused primarily on the life-long learning, especially in environmental field.
The IEEAIC centre has:
- Large lecture hall for 100 people
- Two classrooms with a capacity of at least 25 and 45 students
- Office for ensuring a permanent counseling services
- Technical background (copy room, dining room, etc.)
- Accommodation with a capacity of 35 people
- The interactive educational trail The Eel´s path and an Educational pavilion is also close to the MEVPIS centre
You can see the leaflet here.
The IEEAIC provides:
- Consulting services in the field of water protection, water animals and friendly water management;
- Specialized educational courses, seminars, workshops and conferences;
- Accommodation and rent (hall, classrooms) including accompanying services.
We will be pleased to prepare an appropriate quality background for your organized event in our new facilities.
If you are interested in our offer, please contact Klára Nachlingerová,, +420 737 221 931.
See our website or IEEAIC on facebook.


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