The main aim of my visit to Slovenia was to evaluate the antibacterial activities of the encapsulated curcumin in particle stabilized Pickering emulsion-based systems. Curcumin is a natural plant phenolic food additive derived from the herb curcumin longa. It has been known for its potential pharmacological effects against various diseases and pathogens in humans as well as fish. However, due to its low availability, its efficacy is hindered and hence encapsulation approach is applied to cope with this challenge. Besides, during stay there, together with our Ph.D student Ruoyi Hao, we worked on the essential oil based antibacterial coatings which are aimed to enhance the shelf life of fish fillets. All these research activities were performed in the microbiology lab, Department of Food Science, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, under the supervision of Prof. Sonja Smole Možina. The visit is hoped to further extend the collaboration in the field.