From 11th to 15th of November 2019, Ali Asghar Baloch, Markéta Prokešová and Shah Ramin Bakht attended the AQUAEXCEL 2020 workshop "Planning and Conducting Experimental Infection Trials in Fish" held at Danmark Tekniske Universitet (DTU) in Denmark. During the workshop, participants were acquainted with the scientific focus and experimental background of the University. The course focused mainly on proper planning, implementation (infectious methods, sampling, diagnosis, survival analysis, statistical evaluation) and evaluation of the results of infectious (viral, bacterial and parasitic) experiments in the common carp, selected salmon and marine fish species. The intensive workshop also provided space for consulting scientific experts regarding experimental designs, research plans and latest insights in the evolution of the immune system and immune modulation, host defence against various pathogens.

We hereby thank the projects and all those who supported our participation in this workshop.