At 9:30 we met at TissueGnostics GmbH, Taborstraße 10/2/8, 1020 Vienna. Present were Gottfried Köhler (OnkoTec), Georg Steiner (TissueGnostic), Michael Fischer (Faculty of Health and Medicine, Donau Universität Krems), Dalibor Štys (Institute of Complex Systems, University of South Bohemia). Topics discussed were: follow-ups for the 3D nanolife project, application to Czech EU structural funds programs for which the company is needed on the Czech side and IP rights protection.

Meeting at OnkoTec Krems, DS and GK

OnkoTec is interested in setting-up a branch in Nové Hrady.

Meeting at RIZ Krems, MF and Verena Ossmann, Technopol management Krems

Verena Ossmann explained the new rules of INTERREG IVC.

Meeting at Donau Universität Krems – DS and Christian Hanus

The most important is that there is preparation “Technische Denkmalpflege MSc.” which will a joint study program of the Czech Technical University (Faculty of Civil Engineering), Masaryk University (Faculty of Philosophy) and Donau Universität.