Yesterday evening I attended the Science-Industry TALK IST in Maria Gugging. Christoph Neumayer (Director General, Federation of Austrian Industries) and Michael Losch (Director General, Center 1 Economic Policy, Innovation and Technology, MBWFW) presented greetings. The main speaker was Nava Swersky Sofer (Pres. Int. Commercialization Alliance, Founder NanoIsrael) followed by a panel discussion with panelists Oliver Holle, Monika Kircher, Tapio Siik and Markus Wanko (Head of Technology Transfer IST Austria).

During the subsequent dinner, we discussed with Prof. Michael Sixt (group leader of Morphodynamics of Immune Cells) about microscopy of unlabeled cells. Prof. Sixt is interested in our microscope – after we will test the new, come take a look. Furthermore, we agreed that in September or October, I will give a lecture at the Institute of Science and Technology. Mgr. Irene Fialka, head of Vienna's technology transfer center INITS, she agreed to be a partner in the project Interreg Europe.