The international conference on fisheries, dealing with various aspects of aquaculture, ichthyology and management of open waters, including small session on marine fisheries, was held in Beograd (Serbia) on 10 – 12 June 2015. The program consisted of 32 oral and 78 poster presentations on various topics. The conference was numerously attended by foreign participants – the organizers announced the participation of the scientific committee members, sponsors, authors and co-authors from respectful number of 30 countries. The scientific activities of the FFPW USB were presented in the lectures on „Current issues and principles of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) organic pond farming in the Central Europe" (Z. Adamek, M. Mössmer, C. Bauer) and „Sustainable measures for improvement of rheophilic fish production“ (Z. Dulić., D. Hlaváč., M. Anton-Pardo, Z. Adámek). The majority of presentations was very interesting, showing the proof of increased involvement of the countries of former Yugoslavia into the international scientific community.