Vladimír Žlábek, Michal Hojdekr and Martin Vlček participated on a meeting focused on HR Award label with Dr. techn. Giuliana Sabbatini in Vienna.

Ing. David Gela, Ph.D. anf Ing. Marek Rodina, Ph.D. visited sturgeon farm SC Avicrisali SRL nearby Targoviste in Romania on 13. - 15. 11. 2019.

During November 2019 from 4st to 8th, we was visiting more than 16 different places whit fisheries topics.

From September 14 to 30, 2019, I visited Northern Vietnam.

On November 25-26, 2019, I visited the fish farm Fischzucht Rhönforelle GmbH & Co. KG located near town Steinau-Marjoß in Germany.

On 19. - 24. 11. 2019 I was in business trip in IRSTEA, Aix en Provance, France.

During the first week of December (1st-6th), we were visiting the Szent István University in Budapest,  Hungary.

Thanks to the Erasmus+ program from 9. 12. to 13. 12. 2019 I visited National Agricultural Research and Development Centre Diversification and Competitiveness Directorate, University of Malta.