The expedition to Mongolia was 5. – 22. 5. 2019.

I visited the department Center for Environment and Disease Monitoring in Aquaculture (CEDMA) within the Research Institute for Aquaculture No.1 in Vietnam (1. – 29. 6. 2019).

The Vice-Dean for International Relations of the FFPW USB Vladimir Zlabek attended a mission to the Federal District Brasilia in Brazil on 22. 6. - 1. 7. 2019.

From January 5th to July 6th I was doing my internship at the Leibniz – Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (IGB) in Berlin, Germany.

The trip to the hydrobiological laboratory of the Ecological Station in Gebharts and to Waldviertel ponds (Lower Austria) was focused on the sampling in the littoral zone of the Neuteich and Haslauerteich ponds. B

The SEFS 11 Conference – Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences was held in Zagreb, Croatia from 30th June till 5th July 2019.

I participated (8. – 10. 5. 2019) the 7th International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, Granada, Spain.

On June 17-21, my colleague Martin Kahanec and I took part in a training course in Bergen, Norway.