On September 22-26, 2015 I stayed in Olot, Spain.

Petr Svačina and me, we delivered pikeperch juveniles to the German company Fishzucht Rietschen GmBH on September 30th.

In the days of 21. 9. – 24. 9. 2015 and within TRAFOON project we organized expert excursion in order to see modern and function fish culture farms in Germany.

From 22. 9. to 24. 9. 2015 Z. Adámek and J. Koleček took part at the kick-off conference of INTERREG DANUBE in Budapest.

On 24th of September I went to the Medical University of Vienna.

In the days of 12. 9. – 15. 9. we visited the research center IBM Research - Zurich in Switzerland.

In September 7 – 11/2015, I took part in the 17. international conference „Diseases of Fish and Shellfish“ organised by the European Association of Fish Pathologists.

In the period 31.8-3.9. I was participating at the management committee of the EU Aquaponics Hub, COST Action FA1305.