A one and a half day meeting took place in Vienna, Austria  at the Blue Planet Ecosystems headquarters.

During our stay in Switzerland, which took place from August 30th until September 1st, we visited the Centre for Fish and Wildlife Health at the University of Bern.

Dne 19. 8. - 20. 8. 2020 podnikli Prof. D. Štys, CSc., Ing. Bc. Renata Štysová Rychtáriková, Ph.D a MSc. Kirill Lonhus cestu do Vídně, Rakouska.

After running two experiments on pikeperch larvae from March to June, samples for enzyme analysis were collected and stored at -80°C.

I have completed four months internship in Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 1 (RIA1) in Bac Ninh (Vietnam) from 5th February to 10th June 2020.

From January 26th to February 1st, 2020, I made a business trip to Ireland in order to plan experiment.

During the period of June 15 – 16, 2020, I visited Slovakia with my colleagues Jan Kouřil, Petr Dobrovolný and Oleksander Malinovskyi.

Petr Císař and Dinara Bekkozhayeva visited the laboratory Wavelab, University of Salzburg on 9.7.2020.