From 19th to 20th March 2015, I conducted a business trip to Dutch city of Someren, where the company Fleuren & Nooijen is located.

As a member of an international expert team, I took part at the EU project meeting INAPRO in Brussels on 26. 3. 2015.

I gave invited lecture about our new software for processing of fluorescent images.

During 2. 2. - 27. 2. 2015 I have visited Department of Plant physiology at Rostock University.

The objective of this visit was to develop a plan for a workshop training session for students from the Hokkaido University.

During the twinning, I had the opportunity to visit the organization TEKES.

I attended a meeting of Biological Resources Centers CRB-Anim as a member of its international board from 9th to 10th February 2015 in Paris.

Petr Cisar and Jan Urban met with the representative of the Perception Park GmbH Company located in Gratz (Austria) on 25. 2. 2015.