In the preparation phase of the stay of foreign visitors at FFPW USB these recommendations should be followed:
•    The planned arrival of the foreign visits will be announced to the Officer for foreign relations Ms. L. Kačerová ( already in the preparation stage. You will be asked to complete a “Form for the organization of foreign visitors at FFPW USB” asap.
•    If you would like to use business car of FFPW USB for transport of your visit, you should book it in advance in the Booking system HERE and choose the appropriate source of funding (prepare the travel order).
•    If you would like to book accommodation offered by FFPW USB contact MEVPIS Vodňany and make reservation with specification of any extra needs regarding to the accommodation (Mrs. K. Nachlingerová,
•    Ensure and book a meeting room including the access to the offices and laboratories, etc. – access settings by Mrs. P. Nováková (, after consultation with the head of the laboratory, workplace, etc.
•    If necessary ask in advance for an ID card (especially for long term stays), preselect the type of the card: Student x Student ISIC x Employee x Employee ITIC x host. On the issue of issuance of ID card contact Mrs. P. Nováková (
•    In case of establishing of a new employment relationship (e. i. DPP) ask Personnel Officer Ms. M. Průšovou ( to announce a new staff at the municipal employment office.
•    If the foreign visitors would be engaged in works in laboratory or at other workplaces of FFPW USB it is necessary to contact the Personnel Officer Ms. M. Průšovou ( and ask her for Health and Safety Training and furthermore it is necessary to undertake a Health and Safety Training at the respective laboratory (ensured by the head of the laboratory).
•    In case of official employee contract it is possible to permit the use of the FFPW cars – the conditions must be negotiated with the Personnel officer Ms. M. Průšovou ( – drivers training.
•    In case of business visits of laboratories and experimental facilities (active work) it is necessary to declare a travel insurance of the hosted person to Ms. L. Kačerová ( ). L. Kačerová must check the validity of the insurance.
•    If necessary, book the lecture rooms in the reservation system HERE in advance.
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