Dr. Martin Pšenička and I participated at the kick-off meeting of the project IMPRESS from 2nd to 5th February 2015.

Aims of this trip were agreement on details of stay of Jidřich Soukup in frame of Aktion project, application of joint Aktion project and finishing of common article.

The 5th Conference of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Angling Professionals in Godollo/Hungary was conducted on 4-6/02/2015 at Szent Istvan University.

It was really very nice to visit Ifemer, Palavas-Les-Flots station, France from 10th January to 15th February 2015.

On 19. 1. - 8. 2. 2015 I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Tomislav Petr in Toowoomba.

I visited the Laboratory of Domestication in Inland Aquaculture, UR AFPA, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lorraine from 7. 1. to 3. 2. 2015.

1. - 3. 2. 2015 I visited NTNU in Trondheim.

During 30 Jan – 8 Feb 2015, I participated in „2015 Microscopy New Zealand Conference“ at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.

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