From 5th September to 5th October 2017, I visited the Laboratory of Domestication in Inland Aquaculture, Research Unit Animal and Functionality of Animal Products, University of Lorraine.

In the period from 4th September to 4th October 2017, I was training in Nofima in Ås (Norway) for an internship in the framework of Ph.D study program.

In the period of 4th September to 4th October 2017, I passed my foreign internship.

Mohammadmehdi Saberioon and Pavel Souček visited the infrastructure PEIMA-INRA in Sizun, France from 26.09.2017 till 29.09.2017 to perform TNA project.

On 22th September, we attended (Antonín Bárta and Jan Urban) a meeting to set up a cooperation.

I visited the Umea University, Department of Chemistry to prepare the system for fish 3D localization from 11. 9. until 15. 9. 2017.

I visited the Acoustical Laboratory of the Université du Maine.

Professor RNDr. Dalibor Štys, CSc. participated the action with name “Science-Industry Day – Create. Connect.

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