Participation in lecture by Manfred Klaffenböck on Complexity Science Hub Vienna and business meeting at Tissue Gnostics (29. 11. 2018).

Participation in the session of Czech Optical Cluster and lecture at the Chemistry School in Brno (19. - 21. 11. 2018).

I had an incredible opportunity to work at Akvaforsk Genetics, Sunndalsøra for about three weeks (11-11-2018 to 30-11-2018).

Martin Pšenička, Zuzana Bláhová and Roman Franěk visited from 21 November to 26 November 2018, Faculty and Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University, Hakodate, Japan.

From 8th – 12th October I was on short internship at the University of Jyväskylä, the Department of Biological and Environmental Science, Finland.

From 18th to 27th November 2018, Tomas Policar, Jiri Kristan and Aiman Imentai visited the Kazakh Agrotechnical University.

On 20. 9. I participated together with Ing. Jan Regenda, Ph.D. at professional excursions in South Bohemian fishing companies.

In mid-November 2018, I had a great opportunity to participate a training programme named “Exploring Biological Sequence” at European Bioinformatics Institute of European Molecular Biology laboratory.

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