Dipl.-Ing. B.Sc. Jaromír Mitáš
Obtained title: B.Sc.
Year of graduation: 2014
Form of study: combined
For long time he has been engaged in breeding of ornamental fish species. In 2007, successfully completed two semesters specialized study in Vodňany and in 2014 successfully completed his bachelor's study on FROV. Currently he operates an amateur breeding Koi and sturgeon. He is a member of the KOI club and a graduate of Academy Aquascape Online - category Beginner and Intermediate. Photos from breeding activity you can found in the gallery on personal pages and can communicate via FB
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B.Sc. Kateřina Švagrová
Obtained title: B.Sc.
Year of graduation: 2014
form of study: combined
Katka successfully completed her bachelor's studies in 2014, and now continues with follow-up Master's degree studies. She has dedicated her life to fish at school as well as in her private life. She is three times champion of the Czech Republic in fly fishing for last five years of racing activity and a double silver medalist of Czech Republic. Currently she gains but also transmits fly fishing experience around the world (Australia, South Africa). Currently she is trying to get into fly fishing subconscious general public. Katka is the Czech ambassador for the US and British fly fishing entreprises engaged in the production of special clothing, cords and fly-tying materials (Skipper Reel, RIO, Veniard, Bug-Bond).
Photos from her voyages you can see:

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B.Sc. Pavel Válek
Obtained title: B.Sc.
Year of graduation: 2014
Form of study: full-time
After successful completion of the bachelor's degree in 2014 Pavel continues with follow-up Master´s studies - combined form. He currently works at the State Agricultural Intervention Fund on the position of Controller. Pavel is responsible for the OP Fisheries as well as for Rural Development Programme. In his thesis he dealt with the conditions of the growth of juvenile whitefish in intensive farming. In his master thesis focuses on the vertical distribution of zoobenthos depending on the biomass of carp. He would like to in the future engaged in research in the field of fish farming as well as in protect the aquatic environment and its biodiversity. He likes hiking, sports and mtb.

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B.Sc. Jakub Vlček
Obtained title: B.Sc.
Year of graduation: 2015
Form of study: full-time
Jakub is in the field of fisheries from his studies at SRS Vodňany - 2007-2011. On FROV he studied from 2011 and 2015 and successfully completed a bachelor's degree. Currently he continues in the master study. In parallel with the study also focuses on their company Ryby Vlček. The activity of the company focuses on breeding and selling of hatching fish market fish, sturgeon breeding and sale, advisory activities in fish farming, sports fishing. Company Ryby Vlček cooperates with several renowned companies across Europe.
Further information can be found at

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M.Sc. Jiří Šrámek
Obtained title: M.Sc.
Year of graduation: 2012
Form of study: full-time

Between his bachelor's and master's studies Jiří worked as IT technician. After a master's graduation in 2012, he started his as an ecologist at a Povodí Moravy, s.p., where he currently works at the headquarters of entreprise Dyje in Náměšť nad Oslavou. His work is varied - from meetings with office, control activities, arranging contracts, security agendas riparian vegetation, and waste by frequent trips into the field. Likes to go fishing - he likes fish the trout, devotes also actively hunting, he is interested in IT and advanced technology, movies, metal music, he likes sports, but even a quiet game of poker. In the future he would like to try doctoral studies.
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