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For additional information regarding the courses of the Bachelor's and Master's program, contact Martina Vorlová. Regarding courses in doctoral study program please contact Lucie Kačerová (Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator)
- only for doctoral students
- it is announced every year in January of the calendar year
- the registration for the announced invitation is through study and foreign department of FFPW USB -
- all information on the announced call is sent to students by e-mail
- This program offers funding of 20 000 CZK/month
Open day 2020
We have prepared for you the Open Day of the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters USB on 17th January 2019. We are looking forward to you - Na Sádkách 1780, České Budějovice.
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Study programme: Zootechnics B4103

Field of study: Fishery 4103R003

Bachelor's study, combined form

Do you have a school-leaving exam or are you a student of the last year of a secondary school?
Are you maybe ... an enthusiastic angler?
Bachelor study offers a range of professional knowledge in the field of freshwater fisheries, quality of water environment, finalization of fish products and water management utilization in the landscape. This study also introduces students to related fields; it contains an overview of scientific basics, enables mastering of computer techniques and methods of informatics, it expands and improves knowledge of the English language. Thus the study interconnects theoretical general subjects with specialized and practical technological focus of the field of Fishery. Graduates of the bachelor study will be able to apply systemic approaches as experts and qualified workers in the lower or middle management, being leaders of smaller working groups at fish farms, fisheries, water management institutions and public service units.
The program is taught in Czech language only. See the study plan here.


The applicants are accepted WITHOUT ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS. In the event that the number of applicants exceeds the number of admitted students set by the Dean of the FFPW, the applicants will be accepted on the basis of the order drawn up by a combination of the order of applicants according to the results of their secondary school studies and a score assigned by an admission committee.
The applicants´ order according to the results at the secondary school will be determined by the total average (from the lowest to the highest) from study averages of single reports at the end of all years of secondary school before getting graduation (multi years grammar schools for last four years, currently graduating students - the results from annual reports for last three completed years of study at the secondary school and report for the first half of current school year). Who does not submit all the study results for the last four years at the secondary school, will be included in this part of evaluation on the last place in the order. The average will be calculated for two decimal places. The applicants with the same average will have the same rank. Other candidates will have the rank corresponding to their actual order of ranked candidates (e.g. if two candidates have third order, the next rank will be 5).
Score points 0-30 will be assigned by the admission committee on the basis of analysis of data from the current experience of the applicant, competences gained in the course of employment, his / her motivation to improve qualifications and recommendation from the employer. The applicants´ rank will depend on the number of points. Applicants with the same number of points will have the same order.
Overall rank of applicants will be determined by the weighted study average from the results at the secondary school and scores assigned by the admission committee. The results at the secondary school will constitute 40% of the overall mark and the scores assigned by the admission committee will constitute 60% of the overall mark. All applicants with the same order, as the last admitted applicant gained, will also be included in the order of admitted students.


Use the standard application form to study at a university (also available on here) or on-line application on , from which then print the application form, send the application form with attachments to the address by August 2, 2020:
University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters
Institute of Aquaculture and Protection of Waters, study department
Na Sádkách 1780
370 05 České Budějovice
Czech Republic

Attachments to the application:
- a verified copy of reports from secondary school (only if you take a school leaving exam, the report for the 1st half of the current school year and for the last three completed years of study at the secondary school. Other candidates submit an annual report for the last 4 years of at the secondary school)
- a verified copy of a certificate of completion of secondary education (this applies to applicants who finished secondary education before 2020).
(Provided that the graduation took place at a foreign secondary school, the applicant submits a document about final exam equivalent to the leaving exam, validated per § 108 Act No. 561/2004 Coll., Education act, unless the international treaty provides otherwise.)
- structured curriculum vitae of the applicant
- covering letter about improvement of skills
- recommendation of an employer to applicant´s study - this document is not compulsory, but it will be taken into account in the admission procedure.
The fee for the activities associated with the admission procedure is CZK 500 and must be paid by the time of the application submission, preferably by a bank transfer or by a post money order to:
Account Number: 104725778/0300
Bank: ČSOB a.s., České Budějovice
IBAN for payment abroad: CZ2003000000000104725778
BIC for payment from abroad: CEKOCZPP
variable symbol: 6020109
specific symbol: applicant’s identification number without slash or a date of birth in a format DDMMYYYY for applicants without identification number

constant symbol: 378 for payment by a bank transfer; 379 for payment by a post money order
In case of problems with the payment, the applicants will be asked to evidence the payment for the admission procedure (bank statement, bank confirmation of the transfer, coupon from the post money order, etc.).


Are you missing information? Did you not find answers to your questions? Contact the study office:
Bc. Jindřich Hofbauer
study office of bachelor´s and master´s study of the FFPW USB
Tel.: +420 38 903 4646