Study programme: Agricultural Specialization N4106

Field of study: Fishery and Protection of Waters 4106T040

2-years Master study, combined form

Fishery and protection of waters is a comprehensive and general field of study, which is not aimed only at biological, ecological and technological aspects of fisheries and water management, but is also aimed at water environmental policy. General awareness of related disciplines is included. As our graduate you will be prepared to work at positions of top management and/or professional and specialist in fishing companies and unions, in organisations focused on environmental protection and/or water management or in laboratories specialized primarily in water quality assessment.
The program is taught in Czech language. See the study plan here.


Graduates of bachelor´s fields of study Fishery and Protection of Waters or graduates of other bachelor´s study programs and fields can apply for follow-up master´s study if they prove sufficient expert knowledge for follow-up study of master´s field.
The applicants will be admitted without entrance examinations if they graduated from the bachelor´s study fields Fishery and Protection of Waters and document the weighted average for the entire bachelor´s study (excluding the results of the final state exam) of 2.10 or better and if they defended the bachelor´s thesis with the grade very good at worst. Without entrance exams are also accepted all applicants when the number of candidates is less than a specified number of admitted students.
If the number of candidates is higher than the specified number of admitted students, the applicants, who fail conditions for acceptance of admission without entrance exams, will pass a written test. The test will include questions from the following subjects of accredited bachelor´s program Fisheries at the FFPW USB:
Basics of Biology (20 questions)
Basics of Hydrochemistry (20 questions)
Regulations for Fishing and Water Management (15 questions)
Water Management (15 questions)
Fisheries (10 questions)
The results of the written admission exam will make the rank of applicants according to gained points. This order will have a weight of 0.6. Another order will be set by the admission committee on the basis of points assigned in the range of 0-30 according to the evaluation of data on current practice of a candidate, competencies gained in the course of employment, his/her motivation to improve their qualifications and recommendations of the employer. This order will have a weight of 0.4. The applicants with the same average will have the same rank. Other candidates will have the rank corresponding to their actual order of ranked candidates (e.g. if two candidates have third order, the next rank will be 5). Overall rank of applicants will be determined by the weighted study average from the rank in the admission procedure and evaluation of admission committee. Every applicant with the same score, as the last admitted applicant gained, will also be included in the order of admitted students.
Admission test for follow-up master´s study of the field of study Fishery and Protection of Waters will be held on August 23, 2018. Date, time and place of entrance exam will be specified in the invitation sent to the applicant's name and address stated in the application no later than 10 days before the date of the admission test.


Use standard application form to study at a university (also available on here) or on-line application on, from which then print the application form, send the application form with attachments to the address by July 31, 2018:

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters
Institute of Aquaculture and Protection of Waters, study office
Na Sádkách 1780
370 05 České Budějovice
Czech Republic

Attachments to the application form to study:
- Structured curriculum vitae of the applicant
- Covering letter about improvement of skills
- Recommendation of an employer to applicant´s study – this document is not compulsory, but it will be taken into account in the admission procedure.
- Verified copy of a diploma of completed bachelor´s study or higher degrees of study (i.e. master´s) – Applicants, who finish their bachelor´s study in 2018, submit the proof of bachelor´s study termination no later than the enrolment day to follow-up master´s study. Provided that the graduation took place at a foreign university or a higher secondary school, the applicant submits a document about equivalence of foreign study and diploma with a study in a bachelor´s study programme accredited at a university in the CR, issued by its rector´s decision, unless the international treaty provides otherwise.


The fee for the activities associated with the admission procedure is CZK 500 and must be paid by the time of the application submission, preferably by a bank transfer or by a post money order to:
Account Number: 104725778/0300
Bank: ČSOB a.s., České Budějovice
IBAN for payment abroad: CZ2003000000000104725778
BIC for payment from abroad: CEKOCZPP
variable symbol: 6020109
specific symbol: applicant’s identification number without slash or a date of birth in a format DDMMYYYY for applicants without identification number

constant symbol: 378 for payment by a bank transfer; 379 for payment by a post money order
In case of problems with the payment, the applicants will be asked to evidence the payment for the admission procedure (bank statement, bank confirmation of the transfer, coupon from the post money order, etc.).


Are you missing information? Did you not find answers to your questions? Contact the study office:
Ing. Martina Vorlová, Mgr. Kateřina Bártová
study office of bachelor´s and master´s study of the FFPW USB
Tel.: +420 38 903 4646, +420 38 903 4644

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