Listing and assigning of bachelor and diploma theses for academical year 2016/2017
Dear colleague,
this way I would like to inform you that on October 10, 2016 came into the force Dean´s decision no. 15/2016 - Listing and assigning of BT and DT for academic year 2016/2017. Topics of thesis, please send us no later than November 11, 2016 to my dear colleague Bc. Martina Hospodářská -, which will have BT and DT in a charge.
Classrooms booking for exams, credits in the building in České Budějovice
The classrooms in the building of the FFPW USB in České Budějovice, Na Sádkách 1780 (the building´s code “ZR”)

Floor Classroom Type of the room Capacity
1. floor R1 Classroom 56 places
R2 Classroom 28 places
R3 Classroom 28 places
2. floor R4 Meeting room/Classroom 26 places
R5 Chemistry classroom 16 places
R6 Biology classroom 16 places
Only some teachers have the access to the R5 and R6 classrooms. Do not use these classrooms for exams and credits.
Pl., 06.01.2015




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