Infrastructure and services:
Set of Respirometers and Swimming Tunnels to Evaluate Swimming and Fitness Parameters:
Fully equipped experimental recirculation system with 16 circular tanks and a system for monitoring fish behavior
Aquaponics hall
Chromatography Laboratory (GC-MS, HPLC, HPTLC, Malditof) and Module for fish processing and quality
Sampling of water and hydrobiones (fish, zoobentos, zooplankton, phytoplankton) in fresh waters (ponds including tributaries, drains, running water of various types, shallow lakes) in the Czech Republic, measurement of basic physico-chemical parameters of water, telemetric monitoring by physico-chemistry. properties of water with remote data transmission, background for analysis of phytoplankton samples, zooplankton
Focus: ecological and ethological monitoring of hydrobiones, monitoring of food behavior of hydrobionts (especially fish or macrozoobenthos), experiments on zooplankton and phytoplankton, hunting of experimental animals and hydrobions in the field, experiments and monitoring on early stages of fish, verification of the effectiveness of various procedures or preparations in artificial fish reproduction
Two Dimensional Liquid Chromatograph with High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (QExactive)
Two-dimensional liquid chromatograph with high-resolution mass spectrometer (QExactive HF)
Two-dimensional liquid chromatograph with triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Quantiva)
6 tanks in the rearing hall
12 circular tanks - outdoor trough
flow cytometry workplace
molecular genetics workplace
Complete equipment for gene expression analysis (Real-Time PCR cycler + Bioanalyzer + Nanodrop Infinite M200PRO fluorescence and luminescence spectrophotometer (TECAN) + SPECORD two-beam spectrometer.
Complete device for preparation of histological specimens (Histomaster dewatering machine (Model 2052 / 1.5), modular potting paraffin line (Leica EG1150), semi-automatic rotary microtome, automatic coloring line (TISSUE-TEK® DRS ™ 2000, SEKURA) and MOTIC microscope
Experimental hall with RAS -9 tank of 1500 liters
RAS room - 9 tanks of 380 liters
LFR Microscopic laboratory for studding sperm quality and motility (including flagellar motion) before and after cryopreservation. Involves several microscopes connected to digital and analog video cameras, covers different contrast methods (BF; DF; PH), frame rate (5 – 5000 FPS), magnification (up to x100) and resolution (up to 3200×1800) of video records.
EthoVision® XT set-up - ethological software with equipment (hardware, camera system, arenas) in ethology laboratory
Simulator of flow conditions for fish and crayfish
Aquarium room
Assembly of incubators in a large laboratory
System for detection of crayfish and bivalve heart activity
Premises for breeding and experimental maintenance of fish or crayfish (outdoor and indoor trough)
Zebrafish housing system
System for handling and injecting fish embryos
Relative DNA Analyzer
Capillary electrophoresis
LEKS time-lapse microscopy of mammalian cell development depending on culture conditions (presence of the material under investigation) as basic tests the laboratory performs the following procedures: • leachate cytotoxicity test - visually • cell-to-material direct contact cytotoxicity test - visually • Cell cytotoxicity assay - visually • clastogenicity test on mammalian cells - visually performed by the laboratory Data processing from time-lapse microscopy using software tools to determine cell activity (locomotion), surface colonization or cell division, processing outputs are statistically processed to form hypothesis testing according to research requirements NanoTruth microscopy was developed by LECOS and allows the monitoring of live unlabeled cells, for example, directly from harvested tissue samples. Atomic force microscopy is used as a control and supplement. Security camera systems, especially the analysis of data from them, is one of the most vivid issues of today. At the moment, we have the best available technology (yet in the prototype from the manufacturer), combined with the micro-computing, where we applied our calibration systems, geometric calibration, and plane projection.
LZSO Monitoring systems for ethological studies of fish - 3D camera based monitoring systems allow automated recording and evaluation of fish behavior under different conditions or exposed to the investigated substance Hyperspectral camera scanning and sample analysis, typically surface reflectance analyzes are performed, which are then correlated with substance content or material composition.

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