Eleven psychoactive pharmaceuticals including antidepressants were found in trouts from recipients of wastewater treatment effluents

3-D reconstruction of a live cell using the new technology Credit: Dr Renata Rychtáriková

Vertebrates are characterized by formation of outer surface by a sheath of cells called ectoderm, while the inner lining of the primitive gut is made from endoderm.

Caviar is a high cost delicacy consisting of salt-cured fish-eggs of the sturgeon family. Natural populations of sturgeon have declined during the past century through poaching for caviar, water pollution, and habitat degradation, making them currently the world’s most endangered group of species.

In recent years, mortality of common carp increased in some Czech and Moravian ponds during spring months.

As the most of human-produces contaminants end in the surface waters, these ecosystems represent one of the most endangered part of the environment.

Antibiotics are an important group of pharmaceuticals, which are used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections.

Freshwater biodiversity is globally threatened by various factors while severe weather events like long-term droughts may be substantially devastating.