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Business trip to NMBU

From 4th to 10th July 2016 took part Assoc. Prof. Dipl.- Ing. Tomáš Policar, Ph.D., MSc. Azin Mohagheghi Samarin, Ph.D., MSc. Azadeh Mohagheghi Samarin, MSc. Hilal Güralp, MSc. Kseniia Pocherniaieva and Dipl.- Ing. Andrea Vlačihová at the mobility action at Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in Ås, with kind support from the mobility project of Norway Grants „Increasing scientific competence and establishing bilateral research collaboration between USB and NMBU“ (Project no. NF-CZ07-MOP-3-184-2015).

This mobility action was targeted at increasing skills and participation on the final meeting of the project. We visited several new research laboratories and facilities to get familiar with their activities. Future collaboration possibilities with NMBU focused on joint European research projects and mutual mobility actions of Ph.D. students and scientific staff were discussed. During the final meeting were summarized all activities conducted within this project, results of the joint research activities and summary of joint publications.

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Foreign fellowship in Ås, Norway

In the period of 1st February to 30th April 2016, I passed my foreign internship (as a part of my Ph.D studies) at Nofima, Ås (Norway). During my 3-month stay, I had the opportunity to learn the principles and methods that are commonly used in texture of fish flesh and to study the post-mortem changes. My internship was financially supported by NF-CZ07-MOP-3-184-2015.

Written by Ing. Roman Lunda

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Visit from NMBU at FFPW USB

From 7th to 12th March 2016 a delegation of 3 professors from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) was visiting our Faculty as an action within the mobility project financed by Norway grants (NF-CZ07-MOP-3-184-2015). During their stay we visited several workplaces and laboratories of the Faculty (Genetic Fisheries Center, Experimental Fish Culture and Facility, main building, IAPW at Husova street and new IAPW building in campus), had a meeting with the two directors Jan Mráz and Pavel Kozák and organized a seminar for all members of the faculty at MEVPIS. In addition we made an excursion to Třeboň (ALGATECH centre, AGRICO s.r.o., Schwarzenberg tomb) as an important town for pond aquaculture. They were impressed by our facilities and very interested in many facts of Czech pond aquaculture. We had many fruitful discussions and are planning future collaboration.

Written by: Assoc. Prof. MSc. Sabine Sampels, Ph.D. and Dipl. – Ing. Vlastimil Stejskal, Ph.D.

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Guests from NMBU visiting FFPW USB

On Tuesday 8th March 2016 at 1.30 p.m. will be held seminar with guests from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Ås, Norway) in the large lecture hall in MEVPIS. Our guest will be prof. M. Thomassen, prof. T. Mørkøre a prof. B. Ruyter from NMBU that introduce NMBU and current areas of research at NMBU and progress in joint running mobility project Increasing scientific competence and establishing bilateral research collaboration between USB and NMBU organized under the EEA Scholarship programme; Bilateral Scholarship Programme (CZ07). You are cordially invited!

Visit at the FFPW USB, Thomas Larsson

From15th September to 15th November 2015, Thomas Larsson from NOFIMA, NMBU, Norway visited our facultyand stayed at the laboratory of nutrition. We started together a new project on the effects of storage time of carp on general quality and protein and lipid oxidation where Thomas introduced some new methods for water holding capacity. He learned from us our method of measuring texture in carp. Beside this we collaborated in the planning and execution of the sensory evaluation. Thomas visited several other laboratories, experienced pond harvest in Rosenberg and we started to discuss future collaboration. Thomas also engaged himself in the organization of the visits of the Czech delegations in Norway. His stay was financially supported by the project: “Increasing scientific competence and establishing bilateral research collaboration between USB and NMBU” (Project No. NF-CZ07-MOP-3-184-2015).

Written by Azin Mohagheghi Samarin, MSc., Ph.D.

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Fellowship at NMBU and NOFIMA

From October 22nd to December 20th 2015, we had the opportunity to visit and stay at NOFIMA, NMBU, As, Norway. During our 2-month research stay in Norway we examined the gene expression changes associated with the over-ripening phenomenon in fish eggs. We learned our planned techniques and applied them to our samples. We had several presentations and meetings and we hope this stay will provide more solid cooperation to study other cellular and molecular aspects of the fish oocyte ageing as well. Our stay was financially supported by the projects, NF-CZ07-MOP-3-184-2015 and NF-CZ07-ICP-3-185-2015.

Written by Azin Mohagheghi Samarin a Azadeh Mohagheghi Samarin

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Kick-off meeting

A Kick-off meeting of the mobility project “Increasing scientific competence and establishing bilateral research collaboration between USB and NMBU“ (NF-CZ07-MOP-3-184-2015) in Scholarship Programme and Bilateral Scholarship Programme, Norway Grants and EEA Grants, which will be solved in years 2015-2016 take place at the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters USB (EEPW USB) in Vodňany on Wednesday12th August 2015.

The participants of this meeting were informed about the future project plans and targets of the project participants by the project coordinator MSc. Azin Mohagheghi Samarin, Ph.D. MSc. Sabine Samples, Ph.D. introduced the project partners - the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and NOFIMA and actual information about open calls and demands in Norway grants and EEA grants were presented by dipl. – Ing. Andrea Kamenová. The meeting was closed with fruitful discussion with employees and students of FFPW USB about the future involvement in the Norway grants programme during the coffee break.

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 Participation of FFPW USB employees at Aqua Nor 2015 conference

From 14th to 21st August 2015 we had the opportunity to participate in AquaNor 2015 which was held in Trondheim, Norway. AquaNor is an important international meeting for the aquaculture industry, and it is today the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition. More than 20 thousand visitors and 550 exhibitors coming from 27 countries participated in AquaNor 2015. On the program was organized several seminars and lectures as well. We also could contact people from NMBU, our Norwegian partner in our facultie‘s 2 projects supported by Norway grants. In general AquaNor 2015 was very well organized in a beautiful city and provided excellent contact between knowledge and technology in the field of Aquaculture.

Written by Azin Mohagheghi Samarin and Azadeh Mohagheghi Samarin

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