• Nordic Grants - Institutional cooperation project

In May 2004,three non-EU members of the EEA - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - established the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism to support social and economic cohesion within the enlarged EEA. In June 2012 second phase of the Programme was launched. The EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms (EEA and Norway Grants) aim to contribute to reducing socio-economic differences in the European Economic Area and enhancing relations between the Czech Republic and Donor States.


The present EEA/Norwegian FM 2009-2014 in the field of education builds upon the successful experience of the administration of the Financial Mechanism during the previous period. Achievements and challenges in the first phase of the Programme serve as an important source of knowledge and constitute a base for the thorough preparation of the second phase of the EEA/Norwegian FM.

For further information follow the websites of the Centre for International Cooperation in Education.



Increased collaboration in research and education of PhD students 

Project No. NF-CZ07-ICP-3-185-2015

The goal of the proposed project is to establish cooperation on a research based level aswell as discuss and establish the exchange off PhD students for short visits and internshipsat the respective institutes. The students will be able to learn new techniques which willincrease their scientific knowledge and experience. Last but not least on a social level thestudents will experience a different country and culture, meeting other scientists andthereby develop and increase their social competence and understanding forpossibledifferences for their later work in international science teams. In the planned researchproject focused on oxidative stress and oocyte aging, we will cooperate and Exchangeknowledge in the field as well as learn new methods from each other. Anadditionaloutcome valuable for both institutes will be the planned joint publication which will be alsoone measure for the successof the cooperation.