• Nordic Grants - Mobility Project
5000 Students
1700 Employees
64 Study programmes
Two campuses from 2014-2019
Campus Adamstuen
Campus Ås
from 2019 – Campus Ås


USB facts
12000 Students
1898 Employees
NMBU's  research is enabling people all over the world to tackle the big, global challenges regarding the environment, sustainable development, how to improve human and animal health, renewable energy sources, food production, and land- and resource management. NMBU's mission is to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Our interdisciplinary research generates innovations in food, health, environmental protection, climate and sustainable use of natural resources. When viewed as a whole, these elements create a foundation for sustainable living in tomorrow’s world.
Website: http://www.nmbu.no/en
The University of South Bohemia is a public university located in České Budějovice with 8 faculties.  It specializes in education and research with a focus on natural, humanist and social sciences.
Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters USB (FFPW USB) is a young active Central European scientific fakulty that creates a self-sustaining economic, social, dynamic and nature-friendly Europe. FFPW USB consists of 4 institutes with international reputation.
From 2010 covers multidisciplinary research programmes at the FFPW USB, focused on quality of fish, biology, conservation and aquaculture of sturgeons, sustainable aquaculture, biology and conservation of crayfish, water quality, creation and management of experimental data.
Website: http://www.jcu.cz/