Institute of complex systems

Institute of complex systems was established as one of the four institutes of the faculty in 2012.The main aim of the institute is the research in the field complex systems and creation of the closed loop cycle from the experiment design over experimentrealization, data processing and analysis till the data management.


The laboratory deals with the basic and applied research of complex systems especially in the natural systems area. The main direction of the research is the analysis of natural systems based on automatic data processing from the controlled experiments. The laboratory is connected to other laboratories of the School of complex systems and provides the analysis of the experimental data and software tool for annotation and evaluation.

Key activities:
•    controlled experiment
•    basic research of light microscopy
•    experimental data filtration
•    machine image processing
•    multi dimensional data analysis
•    mathematical modeling of processes

Automatic recognition of cell culture behavior: The analysis of the state and behavior of cell culture is one of the commonly used approaches in the field of bio-compatibility of materials or personalized medicine. The analysis is done by the specialist manually. The problem is that the amount of the data for the manual analysis is huge and therefore only the basic analysis of the microscopic experiments is realized. The amount of the information about the cell culture behavior contained in the experiment is much higher than can be analyzed by human operator. The main aim of the project is to develop the automatic method for objects detection in the time-lapse microscopy images and classification of the behavior of the objects. The output of the project will be the automatic method for analysis of cell culture state under user defined conditions.

Research of microscopy imaging: the project is focused on the basic research of light microscopy imaging techniques especially on the Point spread function (PSF). The objects displayed by light microscope are disrupted by the PSF which complicates the usage of the image processing method for image analysis. The research deals with the defining of the concept of distinctiveness, distinctness, focus and the possibility of usage of PSF for next analysis of microscopy data.

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