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Faculty of
Fisheries and Protection of Waters

1. Mission of the faculty

The Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters plays the role of center of scientific, educational and service activities in the field of fisheries and protection of waters that in given fields:

Preserving and ex-panding attained knowledge, and developing scientific, research, deve-lopment, innovation and other activities.

Acquisition of appropriate profes-sional qualification and preparation for research.

Offering further forms of education and thus being involved in lifelong learning.

Playing an active role in public discussion in building of civic society and preparing young people to live in it.

Contributing to de-velopment on national and regional level and cooperating with public administration, local authorities and businesses.

Developing interna-tional and especially European cooperation and promoting common projects with institutions abroad and mobility of academic staff and students.

2. Vision of the faculty

Within integrated research program of the faculty we want to understand the ongoing processes in freshwater ecosystems and their importance in the terms of biodiversity conservation, protection of water environment, but also protection of water resources for life and human activities.

As the only faculty of this type in the Czech Republic and unique in Central Europe, we want to be a modern, open and dynamically developing in accordance with the surrounding world.

As an internally consolidated, stable and financially healthy faculty, united by its internal culture, the faculty intends to continue promoting creative academic environment where scholars will expand the boundaries of human knowledge and pass on their intellectual wealth to the students and train them to become highly qualified professionals in fisheries and protection of waters.

3. Objectives of the faculty

Achieving scientific and research excellence in the field of freshwater fishery and pro-tection of waters. To support (motivate) publishing in prestigious journals ranked according to the fields in WOS in CIL To produce an applied results such as patents, licenses and contractual research. To stimu-late future principal investigators (coordi-nators) of European projects.

Education of expert and socially excellent graduates in the field of fishery and protection of waters with bachelor, master and doctoral degree that will be applicable on the labour market.

  • Education in the bachelor and master's degree — to bring up independent and highly qualified fishermen and aquatic environmentalists, able to decide and manage, in order to develop fishery, aquaculture and for long-term sustai-nable exploitation of the environment working in practice, government and self-government, as well as science, research and innovations in the Czech Republic, Europe and worldwide.
  • Education on Ph.D. level — to train future gene-ration of scientists that will be able to solve problems and challenges for development of fishery, aquaculture and long-term sustainable exploitation of the aquatic environment in the Czech Republic, Europe and worlwide.
  • Lifelong learning — straighten the knowledge of the respective specialists in CR and EU about innovations in fishery, aquaculture and about the needs of sustainable use of the environ-ment. 

Achieving min. 10 % of profitability in the field of service and commerce at the faculty (it will not be supported activities without additional value anymore). To perform own specific and targeted contractual research and other commercial activities in the fields of expertize (perspective research fields), esp. analytical chemistry, toxicology, fish breeding, sale of fish products and lifelong learning. To focus on licensing and patents.

4. Customers of the faculty

The target customer of our research is society with clearly identified demand for new knowledge and findings published in journals and scientific lectures. Furthermore, we aim on particular entities such as international research agencies in the world and EU. Its also necessary to remember the demands of Czech agencies such as Gall, TAtR (National and Technological Grant Agency), Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of the Environment, Regional offices, etc. Furthermore, we focus on customers inquiring qualified contract research and expertise in aquaculture, such as national agencies for water management, Czech Fish Farmers Association, fish farms and other related entities in the Czech Republic and in the world.

The target customers of our bachelor studies are Czech students. In master and especially doctoral studies, besides Czech students, we target on foreign students. In lifelong learning we target on broad public, laic as well as professional, from children to seniors.

It regards the outside customers demanding specialized services such as products, fish and qualified service in aquaculture and protection of waters (analysis of waters, adjustments of fish products characteristics, development of special fish breeding methods, etc.). Purchasers of valueadded services (custom contractual research) are state enterprises for river administration (povodi), Czech Fish Farmers Association, fish farms and entities in the Czech Republic and in the world. Furthermore, internal customers are also from the Faculty and the University demanding services within their activities.

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