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PhD seminars

February 1, 2023

Large meeting room, main building
Zátiší 728/II, Vodňany

9:00 - Ing. Martin Pšenička, Ph.D.

Introduction of the Research Program 1

9:15M.Sc. Anatolli Sotnikov

Optimization of sperm cryopreservation for aquaculture-scale artificial reproduction

9:35M.Sc. Rigolin Nayak

Study on the compatibility of germ cells after transplantation into a recipient

9:55M.Sc. Songpei Zhang

Improvements of short-term storage sperm and its potential-inheritable risks on offspring

10:15 - Coffee Break

10:25M.Sc. Abhipsha Dey

Species specific effect of DNA damage sensitivity in response to model genotoxicant

10:45 M.Sc. Nurushopa E. Shazada

Practical use of extender and activation solutions for short-term storage of various fish milt in aquaculture

11:05 M.Sc. Linan Gao

Cryopreservation and replacement of maternal germ plasm in sturgeon

11:25 Ing. Alžběta Strouhová

Neonicotinoids and marbled crayfish (Procambarus virginalis): chronic and acute toxicity of insecticide and its active substance

February 7, 2023

Large meeting room at MEVPIS
Na Valše 207, Vodňany

9:00 - M.Sc. Hui Jia

Processing and quality of fish products

9:20 - M.Sc. Kim Anh Nguyen

Physiological and genomic properties of cyanobacteria from fishponds

9:40 - Ing. Lenka Kajgrová

Seasonal stoichiometric imbalances of phosphorus and nitrogen in Czech fishponds

10:00 - M.Sc. Felix Kuebutornye

Plant-based feed additives and the digestibility of locally-sourced feed ingredients in common carp aquaculture

10:20 - Coffee Break

10:30 - M.Sc. Anil Axel Tellbüscher

Assessing the sources, fate and behaviour of plant nutrients in aquaponic systems

10:50 - Mgr. Tomáš Pěnka

Innovative practices for increasing and optimizing feed utilization in intensive aquaculture of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca)

11:10 - M.Sc. Essaikiammal Sodalai Muthu Konar

Involvement of cell death pathway in zebrafish oocyte ageing

11:30 - Coffee Break

11:40 - M.Sc. Elayaraja Sivaramasamy, Ph.D.

Nanobubbles for replacing chemical disinfectants and antibiotics for the control of bacterial infection

12:00 - Ing. Václav Kučera

Enhancing of technology and biotechnology for intensive pikeperch aquaculture


February 16, 2023

Large meeting room, main building
Zátiší 728/II, Vodňany

8:30M.Sc. Ning Zhang

Ecological consequences of the presence of PPCPs in the aquatic environment

8:50M.Sc. Faranak Dadras Asiabar

The application of medicinal herbs in aquaculture

9:10M.Sc. Nguyen Van Tuyen

Bioaccumulation dynamics and toxicological effects of emerging contaminants in aquatic organisms

9:30 - Coffee Break

9:40 - Ing. Martin Musil

Interactions between invasive crayfish and predators

10:00 M.Sc. Koushik Das

Understanding body energy requirements and optimising of commercial diet for marbled crayfish

10:20M.Sc. Amankwah K. Beatrice

UV filters: Occurrence and (anti-)progestogenic activities in waters and bioaccumulation in fish

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