Listing and Assigning the Topics of Bachelor's and Master's Theses

The listing is governed by Dean's Measure No. 17/2023  Listing and assigning of bachelor's and master's theses at the FFPW USB in the academic year 2023/2024.

A short summary of the aforementioned measure:

  1.  by 20th November 2023, the employees, or students of the doctoral study program at the FFPW USB shall send the topics of their final theses directly to the portal IS/STAG. For each topic, it must be clearly stated whether it is a bachelor's or master's thesis (both determinations are unacceptable), or which field of study the topic is related to. The title of the topic must be unique. 
  2. On 1st December 2023, the topics of the final theses, supervisors, and contacts will be made public on the portal IS/STAG.
  3. By 8th January 2024, the students of the second year of bachelor's study and the first year of follow-up master's degree program in the standard course of study or all students who plan to participate in the final state examination in the academic year 2024/2025 and not yet work on topic of thesis, must choose one of the offered theses' topics and register it with the relevant supervisor. The student is obligated to chose another supervisor and/or topic when the current topic of the thesis or the capacity of supervisor will not be available. 
  4. Non-fulfilment of students' duties to agree on the topic of final thesis can be considered as non-compliance of requirements resulting from the study program according to the Study and Examination Rules USB in accordance with § 56 par. 1 letter b) Act No. 111/1998 Coll. about universities.
  5. By 5th February 2024, the department of student affairs will check and publish the final version of the assignment protocols in the IS/STAG.
  6. Assignment protocol is an integral part of the bachelor/master thesis.

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