Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

According to Dean's Measure No.17/2018, Article 3, students of FFPW USB (Bachelor's and Master's degree) are obliged to carry out conscientiously and complete Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET). SET is one of the requirements for obtaining credits in enrolled courses. Students who fail to conduct SET will not receive any more credits from the period after the SET deadline.

The SET usually lasts 2-3 weeks, beginning with the credit week of the semester. The faculty information systems (IS/STAG) notify students before the evaluation date.

Students of the full-time and combined degree of study complete the SET through IS/STAG. After logging in, click on the "My studies" tab and then on "Evaluations of Study" in the tab menu on the left. Use the following link to log in:

Please fill out the questionnaire conscientiously. This is the only way to use evaluation to implement systemic measures in teaching.

Essential information for completing the questionnaire

  1. The tab "Subjects of evaluation (courses or services)" shows the courses you have enrolled. Click on the course to display the questionnaire. For questions that ask for an exclusive ranking, please fill in the number so that each course you have entered has a unique value for that particular evaluation. Please note - do not include in the list of courses those of them for which the questionnaire is not being completed (final theses, internships, semester projects and sports activities).

An example: a student has enrolled in 7 courses, of which one is BAP1, one is PX01, and one is a sports activity. The questionnaire needs to be filled in for four courses, and for the questions related to the exclusive ranking, values 1-4 will be given (always one of the values for the respective course and question). In the box "How satisfied are you with the teaching?" please comment on a) the reasons for assigning an exclusive ranking to the course, b) differences between teachers for courses that have more than one ranking, or c) other observations about teaching the course not covered by the questionnaire.

Note for students of the combined form of study: if the questions in the questionnaire for both lectures and tutorials appear for the combined form of study, please complete only those related to lectures. Please ignore questions related to the tutorials.

  1. On the "Comment on course" tab, you can add comments on the teaching as a whole (i.e. not on individual courses), such as: comments on curricula (study plan), faculty rules, support from the study department, etc.

  2. Remember to permanently save the completed data on each card by clicking on the appropriate button... You can submit the entire questionnaire by clicking the bottom button "Submit questionnaire ".

If you have questions about completing the questionnaire, do not hesitate to contact the department of student affairs or the Vice Dean for study affairs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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