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Bilateral meeting between Norway-Czech Republic

The Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry (LECHB) at the RIFCH organized a bilateral meeting between Norwegian and Czech partners at the beginning of May (4-7.5.2022). Representatives of COWI attended the workshop AS and Aquateam COWI on the Norwegian side and LECHB staff on the Czech side, and laboratory partners in the field of water monitoring and treatment – Povodí Vltavy, State Enterprise, Povodí Labe, State Enterprise, CHMI, and ENVI-PUR Ltd. The workshop dealt mainly with issues related to reducing the negative impact of human activities on water quality and the possibilities of mutual cooperation in monitoring and water treatment.

During the workshop, participants presented several papers, followed by discussions on the topic. The workshop's first day (May 5th) was dedicated to water monitoring and new micropollutants in the aquatic environment. In the morning, prof. Tomáš Randák (FFPW) welcomed the participants and introduced the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters (FFPW) and its parts. An excursion around the FFPW facilities in Vodňany followed. In the afternoon, some participants presented their contributions:

1. Beata Szatkowska, Renata Tomczak-Wandzel (Aquateam COWI)

 - Aquateam laboratory competencies – applied science

 - Aquateam selected ongoing projects – in context of micropollutants

2. Pavla Chaloupková (State environmental fund of the Czech Republic) – Norway grants - Bilateral cooperation

3. Roman Grabic (FFPW) – Non-target screening as a tool in monitoring and technology solutions

4. Vít Kodeš (CHMI) – Pesticides in ground water

5. Marek Liška, Lumír Kule (Povodí Vltavy) – Water quality in reservoir and catchment of Želivka

6. Martin Ferenčík (Povodí Labe) – Analyses of Organic micropollutants in water compartments by chromatographic methods with MS detection

The next day (May 6th) continued with contributions and discussions about water treatment and the solution of water pollution hot-spots.

1. Lukáš Moniak (EnviPur) – Introduction of EnviPur

2. Daniel Vilím (EnviPur) – EnviPur Technology, Examples of pilot plant application, Further development within EnviPur in general

3. Liv Bruaas Henninge, Stein Broch Olsen (COWI AS) – Collaborations between COWI and FFPW USB + Povodi Labe

4. Petra Nováková (FFPW) – Target and non-target screening in drinking water treatment plants

After lunch, the participants took a break during a tour of the nearby Kratochvíle Castle so that they could continue until the evening to address specific issues regarding cooperation (e.g., NEA screening) but also the future (PFC in water, soil, and sludge screening, calls from Norwegian funds, …). Newly emerging micropollutants and ways to prioritize them were also discussed. The output will be a list of emergent micropollutants relevant to monitoring in Czech and Norwegian conditions.

The meeting was beneficial not only from a professional point of view, but it was possible to meet again in person and strengthen mutual relations after a long pause caused by the covid situation.


Strengthening of the collaboration between the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice and COWI AS in Water Monitoring, project n. 1404572019

Project from the Bilateral Fund of the Programme „Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change“ supported by the Norway Grants 2014 – 2021.


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