Fishery and Protection of Waters

  • Fakulta: Rybářství a ochrany vod
  • Typ studia: navazující
  • Doba studia: 2 roky
  • Jazyk výuky: angličtina
  • Forma studia: kombinovaná
  • Kód programu: N0831A370003

Popis programu

The field of study Fisheries and Protection of Waters is a comprehensive and universal field which, in addition to knowledge from the biological, ecological and technological aspects of fisheries and water management, focuses on the issue of protection of the aquatic environment. It also provides an overview of related or related fields. The issue of both directions is deepened here. In the case of fisheries, this applies in particular to special fish farming, fish reproduction and breeding, in the case of water protection to the protection of water resources, measures to support wildlife biodiversity, open water management, wastewater treatment and the aspect of aquatic contamination. The issue of fisheries and water protection is understood in this study program inseparably and comprehensively and is based on legislative requirements and modern trends and needs. Within the study, it is possible to further focus on the genetics and reproduction of fish, special aquaculture or, more deeply, the area of water protection.

Přijímací řízení

Graduates of the i) bachelor's degree programmes or higher degree programmes close in focus to the programme they are applying for, or ii) graduates of other bachelor's degree programmes or higher degree programmes who demonstrate sufficient professional knowledge for the study of the programme they are applying for and who meet the other conditions set by the dean's measure concerning the admission procedure and the conditions for admission of students, may apply for the follow-up master's degree. Students who have completed their previous studies abroad, must provide document of graduation from a school in their home country that entitles them to study at least a master's degree at a university in the Czech Republic, or who provide document of recognition of their previous studies as equivalent to at least a bachelor's degree programme in the Czech Republic, certified by the rector of the relevant university. The application form must contain the required attachments, including payment of the application fee.
Graduates of bachelor's degree programmes in fisheries, water and environmental protection, biology, chemistry and veterinary medicine who will prove a certain weighted study average (the amount of the average will be specified annually by the dean's decision) and a bachelor's thesis with a grade no worse than 2 (very good) will be admitted without an entrance examination. In addition, the applicant's previous experience and motivation to improve their qualifications will be taken into account. Applicants who do not meet the conditions for being admitted without admission examination are to pass a written test. The test will include questions from the compulsory subjects that are part of the state final exams in the bachelor study programmes Fisheries and Water Protection at the FFPW USB. The order of applicants according to obtained points is defined based on the result of the written admission test. The final order of applicants will be based on the points assigned by the admissions committee according to the data in the CV and motivation letter (weighting 40 %) and according to the results of the written test (weighting 60 %). Applicants with the highest number of points are included in the order of students to be admitted up to the maximum number of students to be admitted mentioned bellow (after subtraction of places occupied by applicants admitted without admission examination). All applicants with the same order as the last admitted applicant are also included in the order of students to be admitted.
Detailed conditions for admission to study can be found in the relevant Dean's measure for the admission procedure.


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